3 breweries you need to try this month - online beers available for click & collect, local and UK wide delivery from Candid Beer Stafford.

These are the 3 breweries you NEED to try this October.

Hype in the craft beer world is not uncommon.

Breweries work hard to create that next eye-catching, mouthwatering beer release that will set the social media world alight.

Hype beers will come and go. Some good. Some mediocre. Some, well...

But cutting through the noise and knowing what's really good and worth spending your hard-earned cash on can be tricky.

That's where Candid Beer comes in.

As your local beer experts in Stafford, we always have a huge selection of craft beers available at our taproom and bottleshop in Woodings Yard for drink in, click & collect and home delivery - whether local or elsewhere in the UK.

So this October, we've done our homework and come up with a list of 3 craft beer breweries whose beers you simply HAVE to try this month:

Sureshot Brewing (3.88 average rating on Untappd)

New breweries are constantly popping up all over the country. But few have created waves on a level with Sureshot since their introduction in 2020.

This isn't based on hype. This is based on pedigree.

James Campbell - founder and head brewer at Sureshot - has a brewing CV to drool over. If you've ever tasted beers from Marble or Cloudwater, the chances are you've sampled the 'juice-print' of Hop Jesus - as James is known to his friends.

As his nickname suggests, James is all about the hops.

So it's probably no surprise that Sureshot's beer lineup focuses heavily on all things Pale.

Juicy New Englands, well-balanced IPAs, and bitter West Coasts in a variety of strengths and hop combinations form the backbone of Sureshot's output.

And we are LOVING what they are producing right now.

But don't just take our word for it. Check them out for yourself and grab a selection at our guaranteed best prices.

Beak Brewery (3.96 average rating on Untappd)

Maybe there was something in the brewing waters in 2020, but this was also the year that Beak put down roots in Lewes, East Sussex.

Since 2016, Danny Tapper its founder had been nomadically brewing at some of the pin-up breweries in the UK - North Brewing Co, Burning Sky and Northern Monk, for example.

Unashamedly a hop-forward IPA brewery, Beak pushes an impressive array of pale-focused beers ranging from session-strength pale ales up to punchy Double IPAs.

But there's much more to Beak than that.

It has also established a small but growing mixed fermentation project, which will see more sours and saisons hitting the shelves in months to come.

Besides from the great beer, we also love their simple but playful and distinct branding.  

And that's why they're on our top 3 list for October.

Check out the full range available for drink in, click & collect and home delivery now.

Overtone Brewing Co (3.96 average rating on Untappd)

Overtone are no strangers to Candid's taps and fridges. We've been huge fans for a while now.

In fact, we enjoyed a virtual beer and chat with them during the heady days of Lockdown!

Another hop-forward brewery, Overtone founded in Glasgow in 2018.

But there's so much more to their output than just experimental hop combo IPAs.

Overtone are forging a name for themselves with heavily fruited sours and decadent stouts.

What we most admire about Overtone is their breadth of output and, perhaps most importantly, their consistency. 

Quality after quality. Banger after banger. We're yet to taste an average beer from them.

And luckily for you, we've got a massive selection of their beers in right now, ranging from pales, sours and stouts.

You can thank us later!

So there you have it. Those are our top 3 picks for October.

You can shop the full range from all 3 breweries here, as well as hundreds of other beers from the best craft breweries across the UK.

As ever, order via candiddelivers.beer for click & collect for our best prices. And UK-wide shipping costs just £10 for next day delivery.

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